Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, gather round and i will tell you the story of a stupid man by the name of Mal who decided one day to participate in a charity event to SHAVE OFF ALL HIS HAIR! Thats really good of him you say, but the thing is, its actually very silly.

My head is cold, it feels very wierd, it is so very very annoying and to top it all off…. I just plain dont like the way it looks.

I would like to thank Rachel and Carly at Luppinos at Stafford City for shaving it all off and also to all of those kind generous people who donated. In total i raised $385.70 for Leukemia and its is for a very good cause.

Most of you want pictures i know, so here they are.

Now i only have to wait like 4 months for my hair to grow back 🙁

anyway im gonna go cry now… :'(


*edit* Make that $400… last minute donation from OCAU

Well i’ve finally gotten a donation!!! BOUT TIME!!!! my lovely freind Dee from Bunbury in WA has kindly donated $200… I think she wants to see me skinhead bald…

So come on guys… DONATE DONATE DONATE!!!


This year I have made a decision to participate in the Shave for a Cure. I am going to shave my head off. Thats right ladies and gentleman I am going to get my head shaved. Now its up to all of you to help me out with this. You have to donate to keep it going. I expect all of my friends to help me along with this. Now the big news about this though is that if the donations reach over $500 (come on i know you can do it) I will be shaving ALL of my hair off and i mean skin head bald.

Also if it goes over the $500 mark i will allow the person with the highest donation the honour of shaving it all off. Looks like my head will be shaved though by the lovely ladies at Luppinos in Stafford. It will be shaved to a no blade if the $500 mark is not reached. Please come forward and donate.

There are several ways you can donate.
1. Email me and we can arrange a cash deposit
2. See me in person and give me cash which i can give you a receipt for
3. Go to the “My Shave” page and use my shaver number of 84990 and donate with your credit card link Make sure when using the credit card system online that you donate a minimum of $5 and you enter my name as Malcolm Muir of QLD specifically or it will not work (you should get shaver number 84990 which is me). If you feel a little uneasy about using that link send me an email and i can generate an invitation directly to your email.

Done forget to sponsor me for in Early May i will have no hair!

……… email is mal at bigmal dot net for those that dont have it